Temperature Humidity Chambers of KATO

画像"Environmental Test" is one of reliability tests to check the influence that industrial products and parts are affected by the enviromental conditions.
Temperature and humidity test is one of the most general environmental tests that can check causation of a change in quality and the trouble of the products due to temperature and humidity.
We offer high versatail series of the chambers, with a focus on the chambers can program
the cycle operations of  arbitrary temperature and humidity.

Industrial Ovens of KATO

画像Industrial Ovens are chambers for the purpose of heat-treatment and drying of the products.
We produce high-performance ovens adopted a hot wind circulation method. KATO ovens are available  not only in the process of production  but also for scenes of environmental tests.
You can use KATO ovens for a long term because of those robust structure, and  use in various fields, regardless of the industry.